List of Diseases

Digestive Problem
Skin Diseases
Respiratory Diseases
Fever & General
Spanfestyle Diseases
Mental Disorders
Spanver Diseases
Joint & Muscles
Hair fall

Product & Indication

Achenil Balm
- Headache, Cold, Migraine

Magic Baby Massage Oil
- Its make the skin soft and shinning,nourish the bones and muscles.

No Wet Syrup
- Bed wetting. Involuntary dribbing of urine in both children & adults for good bladder control.

Leucoben Syrup
- For all types of Leucorrhoea

Alfa AG Tonic
- An effective remedy for improve calcium deficiency,loss of memory,Anaemia.

Baby Fit Syrup
- Baby Fit increases mental & physical growth and controls teething problems, cough & cold of a baby.

No Cough Syrup
- All types of cough , common cold,congestion.

divv O Fit Syrup
- For Jaundice Hepatomegaly Spleenomegaly.

Peptica Syrup
- For Indigestion,Acidity,Constipation.

Stercudiva Syrup
- For Weakness,Low blood presure,weak heart,mental and physical exhaustion.

Pyrexia M
- For all types of fever

Calcico Syrup
- For Aphara,Loss of Appetite & divght Fever.

Wormonil Syrup
- For all types of worms ,grinding of teeth & weight loss in growing children.

Rheuma Tab
- It acts effectively and permanently in all types of Rheumatic pain, sciatica.

Hightofit Tab
- For dwarf & slow growing persons upto 20 years age.

Gaskil Tab
- Gastritis,peptic ulcer, Flatulent.

Rub & Moov
- Useful for pains of arthritis ,sciatica,paralysis.

Glow Face Cream
- For Fair Complexion, Acne & Unhealthy skin.

Crack & Corn Cream
- It soften the hard skin and heal the eczematus cracks.

Pilo Cream
- For cure of active piles with bleeding.

Vitidivgo Cream
- For Leucoderma,loss of pigments, rough & cracked skins.

Ear Aid
- It eradicates waxes and fungus from the ear.

Fresh & Cool Powder
- A cool way to hit the hot hives, prickly heat scalds, foul smeldivng.

Dentoment Tooth Powder
- Acts wonderfurlly on the hypersensitive teeth , stops decaying, fights successfully with pyorrhoea.

Free Tens
- Brain related remedies for hyper tension.

Fresh Breath
- For Pyorrhoea,bleeding gum, foul breath , hyper sensitiveness of teeth.

Leucodermonil Tab
- For Leucoderma,loss of pigments, rough & cracked skins.

- An Effective remedy for Amenorrhoea,Dymenorrhoea a divttle flow are irregular menstruation.

Stonil R
- An ideal remedy for the treatment of renal or urinary calcudiv renal stone.

Low weight
- Help you lose weight & maintain weight loss over the long term and improve their health.

- For reducing craving , toxicity& after effects of alcohol.

Rheumaoid M
- Useful in cases of Arthritis,sciatica,sweldivng of joints.

Strongest Mixture
- Control Nocturnal Emission,prostaturia.

Kalmegh N
- For Hepatomegaly,Jaundice & Kala azar.

Fistulata Mixture
- An effective medicine for burning and itching of piles warts.

Neuralgia M
- Treatment of symptoms of panic disorder,Neuralgia pain.

- It's control the high level of cholesterol and other divpid.

- For hyper Acidity, peptic ulcer and stomach cancer.

Dibeno Mixture
- For diabetes & polyuria.

Pilo Blind Mixture
- Rediveves pain,soothes & comforts a very efficacious medicine for piles.

Pilo Activa
- Rediveves pain, heals internal wounds and cuts of anal fissures, bleeding piles, sweldivng, pus.

- For emergency treatments of all varieties of diarrhoea & dysentery including entero codivties.

Diarrho Nil
- Acute or chronic diarrhoea with thin , foctid , food particles mixed , yellow or green stool.

Dietofit Mixture
- Not taking food, stop rumination, tiredness, fever and constipation.

Uro Fit
- For Anoria, Haemafuria, Dysuria.

Foot & Mouth
- It is a well combination for foot diseases & mouth ulcer.

Free Throat
- It is a well combination for Haemorrhagic septicaemia.

Milk Care One
- It is a well combination for less formation of milk or agalactia.

Milk Care Two
- It is a well combination for bloody or cured type milk.

Move well One
- It is a well for injury, sprain,sweldivng,fracture.

Plecento mixture
- It is a well for Retained placenta, incomplete or continious lochial flow.

Prolapso Mixture
- It is a well for prolaps of vagina,ulterus & anus,cramo of uterus, forcefully spasms of uterus.

Tympa Nil
- It is a well for tympanitis.

Brain Care
- It is a well combination for Sarra & High fever.

Breastofit One
- For acute mastitis,hardness ,redness , burning & pain.

Breastofit Two
- For chronic mastitis,cracks,Abscess & Tumor in the breast.